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The XM landscape is in a constant state of change. With new obstacles surfacing almost every day, the need for thoughtful solutions has never been greater.

How Can Your Brand Drive Trial While Navigating Summer 2021’s Ever Changing Covid Restrictions?

For national campaigns, local deployment is key to ensuring proper ROI. This means constantly staying on top of regional guidelines. Since March 2020, VIBRANT has seamlessly conducted over 234 live activations plus countless merchandising shifts from our Danone and Sleeman Sales teams. Adhering to local guidelines has become second nature to our operations and we’ll continue to find solutions for uncertain scenarios.

The importance of trial driven interactions can never be overstated. 62% of consumers agree that having the ability to see, touch and feel products influences their purchase decisions, and 75% of consumers prefer interacting with a human opposed to automated machines (source). Though the landscape is ever-changing, the fact remains that consumer demand to interact with products is still very strong.

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Are Virtual Events Really Worth It?

Yes. Whether it be a live, virtual or hybrid event – it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve results wise. Each business is unique, and we can help you find a customized solution.

Regardless of COVID-19 restrictions, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. Both have experienced accelerated growth over recent years. Prior to the pandemic, the virtual events industry was worth close to $78 billion. Between now and 2027, it’s expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 23.2%. (source)

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Will Live Events Come Back In 2021?

Despite the recent news and setbacks, we remain cautiously optimistic. Live events in Canada for fall and holiday 2021 are still on the books and we believe they shouldn’t be counted out just yet!

When live events return, we expect a very enthusiastic reaction from consumers. A recent study from Global News has indicated that a majority of Canadians now have more disposable income than pre-pandemic. We’re right to assume that folks will waste no time in planning outings and events – they’ve missed social interactions and have the means to invest in them.

So there’s lots to be excited about in the future. As we will eventually leave the pandemic era behind, it’s evident that greener pastures await us. There might just be a new “Roaring 20’s” around the corner, and when things do come back with a bang, we’re keen on making the most of it.

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