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Danone’s retail

innovation launches

a marketing strategy success story

What does the future have in store?

Getting the opportunity to move innovative products forward is a task we always relish. For years, VIBRANT has supported ingenuity by giving great products an even greater chance of standing out. Recently our sales and merchandising work with Danone oversaw a very successful launch within Canadian retail channels.

Working with Danone’s impressive portfolio, without doubt, provided us with a great vantage point from which to start. Their products continue to evolve and pave the way for health conscious consumers. Silk has been one of the leading pioneers in the plant-based category, establishing themselves as the #1 plant-based beverage brand across Canada. Meanwhile, Activia probiotics have kept things natural, all while being low in sugar, and rich in gut -friendly ingredients. It’s evident that Danone knows what the future of food looks like, and that’s been the case for quite some time.

For this program, our expertise was needed to bolster the sales of Danone’s latest product innovations using our specialized “feet on the street”. You could say we were able to help them every step of the way. VIBRANT’s primary goal was to increase awareness through sales presentations to both distributors and customers. Our secondary goal was to manage planograms and in-store promotions to further support sales.

What made our contributions so unique in this program can be attributed to several factors. Proving our resourcefulness, we were able to access leading in-field technology for helping to measure and report sales in real time. In addition, our on-going product training and testing also provided VIBRANT with a unique advantage.

The strategy was simple, yet significant. We created monthly priorities and targets to ensure that Danone’s sales objectives were met. The impact of our efforts were felt in multiple capacities. Ultimately, store managers were equipped with a far better understanding of Danone products, like Silk and Activia. This now gives sales managers a better chance at educating customers and influencing their purchase decisions. From the perspective of consumers, the new and innovative Danone products are far easier to identify on the shelves of grocery stores and other retailers.

We’re very appreciative of the efforts made by our team of Sales Specialist who were responsible for this successful launch. We can’t wait to continue supporting new and innovative products as they come through the pipeline.

If you think your business could also benefit from standing out, we’d love to talk. For years our work in the retail sector has yielded impressive results. 2021’s going to be an important year for many brands. If you’re anticipating a retail launch in the near future, we’d love to help you make the most of it. With our agency’s nationwide reach and wealth of resources, we can deliver the support and results you want.