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a don julio warms saq consumer’s hearts

After the success of our first outdoor activation for Diageo at the SAQ [Tanqueray], where we had to rethink experiences with sanitary precautions built in, it was obvious that we were easily able to roll this model out for other Diageo brands.

Being a top-tier experiential marketing agency, VIBRANT expertly helped Don Julio step in to entertain and warm the hearts of customers visiting the SAQ at Carrefour Angrignon. Bringing on-site entertainment, lively music and a very cool offer with the purchase a bottle of Don Julio tequila, we are very proud to have created an experience that not only delivered on our client’s targets but provided consumers with a live, safe and remarkable brand experience.

A little bit about don julio’s misson:

Don Julio González revolutionized the world of tequila by choosing quality over quantity, painstakingly planting each agave further apart to allow proper room to grow and fully mature before harvesting. He would then select only the most succulent portions of the piña, before steaming them for 72-hour cycles.

When it came time to bottle his creation, he broke with generations of traditionally tall Tequila bottles typically hidden under tables. He knew his new spirit had no business hiding on the floor, so he designed a shorter tequila bottle for his guests to pass around the table while still being able to see each other.