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Marketing Challenge


For popular Canadian beverage producer, Andrew Peller Limited, the holiday season offers a unique chance to have their brands stand out in retail. When the product is already a consumer favourite, its presentation demands the same caliber of attention, detail and execution.

When APL reached out to VIBRANT, they were in need of unique, eye-catching holiday gift packs that would be featured across multiple Canadian liquor boards for the 2021 Holiday season. It was our team’s mandate to ideate on design and pack contents for the project – we needed to ensure that packaging stood out on shelves, was aligned with the holiday theme, and had relevant and exciting value ads.



As with any design driven project, the creative process was integral to our success. Sometimes that process is quite a rigorous one – but in any case, our team is always eager and well-equipped to work alongside clients in finding the perfect solution. Following close collaboration with the APL team and several rounds of creative proposals, we arrived on multiple winning designs that were approved and ordered by liquor retailers in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. The products were also picked up by grocery channels & e-commerce platforms in Ontario.



Creating fully packaged retail and design solutions is one of our agency’s many specialties, this includes custom gift sets. In the end, the results for our project with APL were both aesthetically and numerically pleasing. Our graphic design team created six unique and beautiful holiday gift packs for the brands Trius, Wayne Gretzky, and PJ’s Original Cream. In total, we created over 80,000 packs that made their way across Canada. Each one of them were a result of our team’s ideation, artwork and copywriting coming together seamlessly.


From ideation to design and production, VIBRANT provided the Andrew Peller Limited trade team with an all-in-one customized solution. Our fulfillment team packed tens of thousands of holiday packs with time to spare, logistics between warehouses were efficient and seamless.


These limited-edition packs are the perfect holiday gift and come with premium value ads for a great price point!

All creative was designed with a festive spirit and the winter season in mind, to stand out on shelf but also stay relevant into January.