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Marketing Challenge


In the second year of relaunching the Cascades Fluff & Tuff brand, VIBRANT was mandated to strategically position the brand as the toilet paper and paper towels that support today’s families in their daily lives.



Cascades Fluff & Tuff  “Family Days” events. We decided to support families by offering them exclusive benefits during their favourite events, to help them have more fun during their outing. These family benefits included, among other things, a clean washroom service at the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, dinner reservations for the family, mascot attendance and VIP passes at La Ronde, as well as DIY workshops for children at the Parents and Kids Fair.



Throughout the summer, more than 15,000 families in Quebec were pleasantly surprised by the gifts and support of our initiative. More than 2,000 photos were taken with Cascade’s Fluff & Tuff mascots and more than 4,000 new subscribers were add to their mailing list.

Families were welcomed and registered at the gates to enjoy the benefits of Cascades Fluff & Tuff “Family Days”.


We made sure to focus on the details that make a big difference to families while they are at an event. For example, we offered stroller parking to free people from their belongings while they were lined up for rides at La Ronde.

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