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Marketing Challenge


Our fast-changing work environments demand more mindfulness than ever. It is crucial to find new ways to manage stress and find creative solutions to complex problems in today’s workplace. Our challenge was to find a way to inspire employees to reach their full potential, during their workday.



VIBRANT Marketing and Innovelab have created a card game that could forever change the workplace as we know it. ETA is a mindfulness exercise designed to inspire employees every day. Each card acts as a tool to help employees shift their mood, manage stress, and find creative solutions to problems so they can increase their quality of life and work.



The game’s launch generated millions of impressions from the public and the media, and garnered attention from several large corporations. Currently, VIBRANT is in discussions with several large companies about producing a deck specifically tailored to the workplace and values of each company.

The rules of the game are simple and effective. Once a week, employees are invited to draw a card and place it on their desk.
They must then follow the instructions on the card throughout the week.


The deck is divided into five categories: mind, body, heart, workplace transformation and serving others. Each card contains an exercise, for example, a visualization or a breathing technique, to help employee manage stress and be more mindful during their work day.