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Marketing Challenge


Diageo, the company that owns the Johnnie Walker brand, had helped the brand to become the most widely distributed scotch brands globally. In 2015, 226.2 million 750 ml bottles of a Johnnie Walker product were purchased. Meanwhile their marketing tactics were growing costly and ineffective. Specifically for Johnnie Walker Blue.

Diageo brought VIBRANT a challenge: Put more high-end premium Johnnie Walker products into the hands of Whiskey and Scotch connoisseurs. And do so in an engaging, educational, and innovative fashion. We started with a goal of 10 thousand consumers educated in the first 12 months.



Our target market was an even mix of men and women who were either whiskey drinkers or did not drink whiskey. Our solution was to bring the experience to them. We created 1.5 hour in-home group experiences. Mimicking the high-end distillery tasting experience with a focus on brand education.

In a group setting spirited brand ambassadors could educate consumers on the brand’s history and create an emotional connection between the audience and the brand. A group of participants being inspired by the history of Johnnie Walker is an excellent controlled environment for education and conversion.

After the in-home event, each host received a thank you gift, amplifying the event by encouraging the host to post their gift on social media.



Our brand ambassadors flawlessly executed over 650 tastings with over 10 thousand total guests. Those 650 tastings took place nationwide. Educating Canadians in their own homes allowed Diageo to see a +8% increase in category sales. It also saw 45% of consumers shift their preferences from a single malt to a blended scotch whiskey after the tasting.

In-home events also proved that the VIBRANT collective is capable of meeting goals and coming up with innovative and engaging solutions.

Walking the experiences through consumers doors to educate and inspire in an in-home environment.

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Bringing the high-end distillery tasting experience into our target audience’s home means we can recreate the experience anywhere.

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