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Marketing Challenge


The rapid arrival of new vodkas on the market has been exponential in recent years. To mark the launch of its new vodka distilled with real botanicals and infused with natural fruit essences, Ketel One Botanical needed to create a unique and disruptive moment in order to stand out in the Quebec market.



Inspired by Ketel One Botanical’s distillation process, we created a “Moment of Freshness” for consumers in the middle of downtown Montreal – a pop-up space reminiscent of a botanical garden. In order to make a splash in the market, our ephemeral installation offered a first in Quebec thanks to an exclusive partnership with the SAQ which allowed consumers to purchase bottles of Ketel One Botanical directly from our pop-up! Consumers were able to sample the product as well and left with a reusable tote & botanical souvenir to plant at home.



A total of 4500 tastings offered over a period of 5 days. Over 200 bottles sold on site. Outstanding sales conversion rate of 22%.

A moment of freshness in the heart of downtown Montreal.


Participants left the experience with a souvenir to bring home.

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