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Marketing Challenge


For Keurig, it’s been more important than that first cup of coffee to stand out Canada-wide. There are more coffee makers in the mix than ever. An effective blend of merchandising and client coverage has never been more important. So, Keurig approached VIBRANT to optimize its coverage and enhance its merchandising efforts across Canadian retail stores. Our challenge was to create and implement a sales team covering predefined retailers. The objective: sweeten Keurig’s coverage across all banners, achieve their merchandising standards and increase Keurig’s sales and market share.



VIBRANT was able to support Keurig in the processes of pressing the strong button on recruiting, hiring, training and deployment for a bold sales team across Canada. Vibrant also developed a rich multi-channel approach for the sales team. VIBRANT helped KDRP bring their vision to life with this new sales team as they were looking for dedicated attention and commercial agility.



By covering over 1,500 retail stores nationally with a dedicated sales team, VIBRANT continues to help KDRP deliver strong results Canada (Dry) wide. Hitting the strong buttonmeans getting new products listings, increasing store orders, selling and building numerous new displays, focusing and executing on monthly priorities aligned with KDRP strategy, and working on various compliance programs. The end game & results remain the same: increasing the distribution, execution, coverage & sales of the KDRP portfolio of brands.

Building strong relationships and executing great promotions with different retail partners. For example, we were able to get multiple incremental displays on a specific brand, aligned with an ongoing in-store promotion.


Focusing on a great portfolio with a variety of products to gain new displays spaces, new facing on shelves and increase the distribution of different innovations are all great wins that help drive the KDRP business. For example, we were able to drive new distribution on new coffee skus across the country, on a 3 month program, and achieve a double digit growth.

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