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Marketing Challenge


Post-pandemic, Quebec’s favourite amusement park also faced recruitment challenges as life returned to normal and students had more job opportunities, with increasingly attractive conditions and wages, to choose from.

Objective: Recruit enough young people (15–20 years old) to keep the park running smoothly for the summer and fall seasons.




The interview-style advertising platform involved filming employees in their work environment – or in the middle of a ride – and asking them questions about their work at La Ronde. This allowed for spontaneous and natural responses. Each of the 7 videos, posted to social media networks, ended with the new tagline, Arrête de tourner en Ronde, postule à La Ronde! (The tagline plays on the word ronde or “round” to urge the target to “stop turning in circles” by applying to La Ronde.)



By May 2023, 4 months after the launch of the campaign, La Ronde had received just over 1,000 applications (double the initial target set for the campaign). The Goliath video received over 1M views.

To support the web campaign, La Ronde held an open house to ensure it had full teams ready to welcome fun seekers for the 2023 summer season!

La Ronde is an amusement park located on Sainte-Hélène’s island in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Built in 1967 as an entertainment complex for the world fair, it is now operated by the american Six Flags Group. It is the largest amusement park in Quebec and the second largest in Canada. La Ronde operated seasonally from May to October.

“Many people identified themselves and commented on the posts, pointing out that working at La Ronde looked lie fun. We’re convinced that originality and dynamism of the recruitment campaign developed by VIBRANT played a key role in meeting our seasonal employee hiring objectives.” – Bryan Briceno, section manager, Marketing and events, at la Ronde.

“Featuring real La Ronde employees in the campaign reinforced the sense of belonging and pride, contributing greatly to its success.” “I loved the campaign experience. The editing reflected the fun and energy we feel when working at La Ronde.” Gwendolyne Krasnicki, Ride Supervisor (employee featured in the recruitment campaign)