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Marketing Challenge


In 2019, National Bank kicked off a partnership with Igloofest, Montreal’s most popular electronic music winter festival. Temperatures regularly dip below -30C at this time of year. We had to find a creative way to promote National Bank’s simple, effective and innovative side with a concept that would solve the two main festivalgoer complaints, namely the cold and their clothes, which quickly become damp due to condensation.



Set up a giant Instagram-worthy laundromat on site so that festivalgoers could dry their clothes free of charge in a vintage, colourful environment inspired by the fashion worn at Igloofest.



The laundromat fast became the festival’s most popular venue: 7,705 festivalgoers used our dryers, and 3000 pairs of socks were distributed. Festivalgoers spent an average of 6 minutes in the laundromat, and the press coverage was significant, totalling close to 2 million impressions.

Warming the hearts of thousands with 9 dryers running non-stop.


3000 pairs of funky socks distributed to keep the crowd dancing all night.


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