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Marketing Challenge


In recent years, Videotron has questioned its presence at home shows. Indeed, the trade strategy had to be reviewed in order to be integrated into the trade ecosystem. With the arrival of Helix, Videotron took the opportunity to be present again in tradeshows to reach connected families and provide them with the Helix experience in a renewed approach. The intention was that the new Vidéotron kiosk would become an innovative experiential hub, integrated into a trade ecosystem.



The Videotron District was an agglomeration of 5 houses allowing participants to freely shop for Videotron products and services. The Dining Room and Living Room:personalized Helix demos presented by a Videotron technological pro. The Coffee Shop and Market: a space for Videotron representatives offering client and sales support. The Mobile Store: an area promoting mobile phone products.



On a 3 day period: 4,500 interactions with the brand ambassadors, 750 collected leads, 560 Helix demos participants, 30 minutes of average interactions and 100+ sales of Videotron products.

VIBRANT’s challenge was to connect the commercial strategy and integrate it through a brand experience, an innovative experiential hub.

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Visitors are welcomed by VIBRANT ambassadors who present the experience and its different components. Visitors are redirected to a specific Videotron team member according to their needs and wants.