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Leading technology
for leading brands.

At VIBRANT, we’ve got the right tools to streamline outsourced sales and distribution and modernize your business. Wondering is bad; technology is good.

When it comes to optimizing what’s possible in retail, VIBRANT leverages a modern, enterprise-level workforce management platform. We make life easier for you and your business by managing multiple software programs all in one place.

Our all-in-one solution offers advantages every step of the way. Here’s what’s possible.


Employee Experience

An easy-to-use, fully comprehensive mobile interface.

Task management: See all project work by your nearest location

File sharing: All file types, videos, PDFs, planograms, spreadsheets organized by location

Orders & returns: Enter orders, waste and returns in one location.

HR & accounting: Scheduling, payroll and expense reports.

Work history: See 90 days of work history for each location.

CRM: Store-location-specific contact information and resources.


Manager Experience

Understand your reality in real time.

Mapping: See all associates or store location in one global view.

Work delegation: From your desk, assign anything from surveys to modular resets to recalls.

Track performance: Know when things are on track and solve problems before they happen.

Who’s in my store?: Know who’s in your store and what they’re doing.

Reporting: Easy to pull. Easy to share. In a variety of formats.

Dashboards: Customize your views to save time



Zero effort. Maximum visibility.

Program your reports for automatic integration into your personal dashboard.

Integrate all the data that can be displayed graphically in your dashboard.

Share the dashboard and display only what each party needs.

Geotag all locations so you know where work is being done.

Capture photos and signatures.


Automated Reports

Reports ready when you need them.

Export or share reports.

Robust selection of instant reports.

Know things like frequency of store visits, time on location, average store visits, and time on projects.