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Your brand has a direction.
Your business has goals.
Let VIBRANT align them.

Your marketing strategy is about more than defining your brand and long-term business goals. It’s about aligning that brand with those goals, and mapping a course and trajectory that can carry your brand to where it needs to go.

At VIBRANT, we build marketing strategies that will meet your business goals. We work with your brands to help define who your brand is and how it fills your customers’ needs. We work with supply chain partners to help bring your products to market – to the right market and the right consumers. We work to form meaningful connections between your brands and consumers.


Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than your product, logo, or name. Your brand is something that has a life of its own, a life with meaning and purpose. And like any living thing, your brand needs a strategy to fulfill its purpose.

At VIBRANT, we build brand strategies that span every aspect of your business, from customer needs to competitive landscapes. We help brands identify critical customer touchpoints and engage them through each one.

VIBRANT’s team of brand strategists will help your brand define its purpose and your customers become part of something more meaningful than a mere demographic. We’ll help them become part of the community that’s your brand’s core identity.

Trade Marketing

Reaching consumers isn’t just about brand messaging and your value-prop. It’s also about your actual products and services being available to them. And there’s no better place for that than the retail locations where consumers already are.

At VIBRANT, we build trade marketing strategies that put your products in front of consumers and into their hands. From distributors to wholesalers to retailers, we work with supply chain partners to maximize product exposure at the point-of-sale.

VIBRANT’s trade marketing team will help your brand identify where its customers actually are IRL and develop tangible and measurable strategies for reaching them there. We’ll help transform your brand’s retail relationship with your customers.

Research + USP Generation

Every brand has competitors that offer substitutes or alternatives. But what makes a brand successful is how well it distinguishes itself from its competitors and communicate its unique selling proposition (USP) to consumers.

At VIBRANT, we use data-driven research to help brands determine what truly separates them (and their products and services) from the competition. We identify meaningful USPs and build strategies to communicate them to consumers.

VIBRANT’s market research team will help your brand filter through the static of competing product claims and value-props and distill USPs that both distinguish it from competitors and resonate with its target demographic.

Go-To-Market Plan

All brands or products begin with a vision. But not every vision is realized equally. Every product and market is different, so a strategic go-to-market (GTM) plan is what determines whether or not a vision becomes reality.

At VIBRANT, we work with brands to develop comprehensive go-to-market strategies that are data-driven, measurable, and on-brand. From sales to marketing to distribution, we roadmap every step of bringing a product to market.

VIBRANT’s marketing strategy team will help translate your brand strategy and its USPs into an actionable go-to-market plan that differentiates your products from the competition and puts them in front of your target market.

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